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Commission rates with links to Snap-Scan


Amazon pays a commission on every purchase depending on the Amazon Associate ID provided in the link. We use this mechanism by generating links randomly with the Amazon ID provided by you and with our own. On each search done via a link from you with your keywords, you get 80% of the links. Please note, that randomly generated links means that sometimes you get more than the 80% and sometimes you get less, but on average it's 80%. For example on one page we show per default 9 products. That means, there most likely are 7 links of "yours" and 2 links of "ours", but sometimes you will get only 5 links, and sometimes you will get all the links.

You should understand, that we never share commissions on individual items. If a visitor makes a purchase using one of "your" links, you get the full commission, otherwise we get it. There is no way to split commissions. Still, in the long run, that random distribution will most likely yield 80% for you, and again, that could be somewhat more or less.

Please read the Amazon Associates web pages to find out details on the commission rates. You have to know, that our links qualify for the highest possible rates (direct link premium), if the visitor buys the item we linked to.

If a visitor enters on our site his own keywords, and makes searches independent of your initial reference, you still get a share of the commission, but in this case your share is 60%. The same is true if you don't provide any keywords, and just make a generic link to our site.

There are two limitations:

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