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FAQ for Amazon Associates with links to Snap-Scan

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Please read also our pages on Amazon Associate application, on linking to Snap-Scan and on commissions.

Q:Where can I sign up for your service?

You don't need to. Just follow the instructions and build links.


Q:What information do you need about me? What information do you collect about me?

We need only what you have to include in your links. We do not need to know who you are. We do not have access to the data you provide at Amazon and to the data Amazon collects about you, e.g. the commission you earn.


Q:Why should I link to Snap-Scan? I can link directly to Amazon.

We think our unique way to scan for items and to present them is normally more valuable to visitors than a direct link to Amazon. Our click-though rates and order rates confirm this. There are also types of links to Amazon that bring dynamic content, but they are less customizable and less flexible than Snap-Scan content, and a lower commission rate applies. To implement the way we scan, filter and present results, requires more know-how and server capabilities than most Associates are willing to invest in their associate links. At Snap-Scan you get it for free.


Q:Can I mix Snap-Scan links and Amazon links on my site?

Sure. If an Amazon link is suitable for some purpose, go ahead and include it. After all, we want to contribute to the success of your site, not restrict it.


Q:Can I put a link to Snap-Scan in an Email?

Yes, that would work and is fine for normal newsletters. However, we disapprove of spamming, and we will add anyone misusing Snap-Scan in that way in our black list of blocked partners.


Q:Can I put a link to Snap-Scan on our intranet?

Sure, why not.


Q:You say you generate a certain amount of links with my Amazon ID. How can I be sure that you are not cheating?

You can simply look at the generated pages. If you move the cursor to a product title, you see in the status line at the bottom of your browser window the web page it links to. You see the link format as Amazon expects it. Somewhere in the middle you see either your own Amazon ID or ours. If you don't believe us, try a few times and count your share.


Q:Which are good keywords?

Of course, you want to use keywords that show results that are relevant for your site. Avoid using ambiguous keywords. If you have to, add additional words. For example "children" is not as good as "raising children" (if that is what you want).


Q:Are keywords case sensitive?

No. "Harry Potter" and "harry potter" would give the same result.


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