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Webmasters - Earn Money by linking to Snap-Scan
read on - you might be surprised

Why do it?

How does it work?

  1. First, you have to become Amazon Associate if you are not one already. Read more.
  2. You add one or more links to Snap-Scan on your web site specifying your Amazon ID and some keywords relevant to your visitors. Read more.
  3. We generate our web pages for you exactly the way we would do if a visitor to our own site enters the same keywords, however we generate links to Amazon mostly with your Amazon ID, which means you get the Amazon commission. We do generate 20% of the links randomly with our own Amazon ID, therefore we will occasionally get the commission. That is how this service makes sense for us. Read more.
  4. If you wish, you may track your referrals statistics via the Amazon web sites.
  5. You wait for the quarterly check from Amazon. Note: you do not get commissions directly from us.

What is the surprise?

The way you link to us will eventually result in "your" page (the Snap-Scan page you link to) being included in major search engines without any activity required on your part. Quite a few of our pages are well ranked in major search engines, many are #1 (perhaps this is how you found our site). This means that people will find "your" page without ever visiting your site. As the page contains your Amazon-ID, you will still get commissions from Amazon if visitors decide to buy some products. Depending on your site and on the keywords you use in your links, you might get more visitors at Amazon than on your own site. You might even get commissions without having a single visitor on your site.

Links back to your site

If you link to us, you may submit your site for inclusion in our list of Partner Sites.

Conditions for participating and exclusion

Much as we appreciate links to us, there are practices which we disapprove of, and sites which we do not want making use of this service. This includes:

We keep a black list of unwanted link partners. We reserve the right to put anyone on this list, at our sole discretion. You may or may not be informed by us of this decision.

Please make sure to also read our Terms of Use before using this service. If you are in doubt whether these conditions apply to you, please contact us.

More Questions?

Perhaps they are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

If not, feel free to ask us.

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